Our trip to London (07.05.-12.05.2017)

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Our trip to London (07.05.-12.05.2017)

On 7th May 2017 our group of 46 students and three teachers went to England by bus and by ferry. When we arrived in London, the host families picked all of us up. I stayed in a host family with three other girls and my host parents were really kind. On Monday, we met the others on the bus and our bus driver Michael took us close to the River Thames where we made a boat tour. Having seen a lot of fascinating things, like the Tower Bridge, the London Eye and the Gherkin, we arrived at Big Ben. Afterwards we walked in groups, consisting of three or more children, around London and got to know the city better. My group walked to the Buckingham Palace and to St. Paul’s Cathedral for example. In the afternoon, we met with our schoolmates and teachers at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. There we participated in a workshop, in which we saw the new built Shakespeare Theatre and learned a little bit of acting. Within the next two days, we visited Oxford and Canterbury. There we took a tour through Trinity-College in Oxford and an audio tour through Canterbury Cathedral. On Thursday, we spent our last day in London. We just got our Underground tickets and went wherever we wanted to go in our groups. Our group went to Hyde Park, Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden. Shortly after we met the school group again, we took a ride on the London Eye. It was very exciting to see all of the famous sights in England. After we went to the bus in the evening, we drove home to Germany.

On most of the days, the weather was not the best but all in all it was still nice and acceptable.

We have done a lot of great things in England and I’m happy that I took part in the trip.

A travel report by Jennifer Reis

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